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Original Equipment X-Change

OE Exchange

The most durable bright finish available! No more pitting!

PVD process, 100% environmentaly friendly, no hazardous chemicals, no hazardous waste! Using this technology the PVD provides an incredibly durable, rich looking, green friendly chrome look finish without the hassels of real chrome. The "Ice" finish is bright and reflective similar to standard chrome plating, "Black Ice" is a darker reflective finish.

"The Technical Talk"

By using a combination of powder paints and physical vapor deposition(PVD), the process achieves a chrome look on any substrate that can be powder coated. The process is clean and poses no environmental problems that the traditional hexavalent chrome-dipping process has to contend with. PVD is a three layer process that uses primers and topcoats that meet material specifications of major automakers.

X-Change your non-chrome factory alloy wheels with ready to go cores, or purchase a complete set from inventory, it's your option.
Core X-Change is currently limited to specific vehicles, most non-chrome alloy wheels can be "chromed".

We have the capabilities of applying this finish to just about anything metal, just ask.
Call us for more information regarding this revolutionary process! 888-988-9997.

OE Exchang Audi A8 Wheel Chrome